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The FAST Area Studies Program (Foundations in Area Studies for Translators) concluded its 18-year tenure in Spring 2012, with a revised 3-year university curriculum to begin in autumn 2012. Founded in 1994 and administered by John D. Hopkins of the Department of Translation Studies, the FAST Program was a degree option focusing on the national cultures of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Finland. The curriculum examined the language(s) and culture(s) of the U.S. and U.K. as the cornerstones of world English, the sociocultural institutions by which they are known, and the media technologies through which they convey information worldwide in English.

The FAST program, based on a foundation of courses from the English Section of the Department of Translation Studies, emphasized research and writing in addition to its core area studies. It was a pioneer in the field of American Studies in Finland and the deployment of information technology in teaching and program outreach, as well as one of the core attractions for international students at Tampere University.

FAST students were known for their capability in American, English, Finnish, Irish and Canadian Studies, their skills in ICT, and their proficiency in English communication.

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